Q: Why should I have an asphalt driveway?

A: Asphalt is more cost effective over the long term. Asphalt can last many years if installed correctly. In our Colorado climate, winter snow removal and snow melt is achieved with greater ease with asphalt.

Q: What is involved in the preparation of an asphalt project?

A: Sub-grade compaction is essential to the longevity of asphalt. Road base, added when needed, gives optimal compaction.

Q: Does asphalt compaction depend on sub-grade compaction?

A: Absolutely. You cannot achieve one without the other.

Q: Can asphalt still have a smooth cosmetic finish without sub-grade compaction?

A: Yes, but it will last for only a short time. Over time the area not compacted can settle and the asphalt will heave and possibly crack, undermining the integrity of the asphalt.

Q: How thick should the asphalt be?

A: Standard depth is a compacted 3 inches.

Q: Can I get a thicker depth?

A: Yes, at an additional cost per each 2 inches.

Q: My driveway/parking lot has a lot of drainage problems. Can I still have it paved?

A: Yes. Drainage is one of our main focus areas. With the proper equipment and experienced operators, optimum drainage for your specific project can be achieved.